ATIPPA Review Seeks Expressions of Public Interest

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador recently established an independent Committee to review the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA).

The Committee wants to gauge interest from citizens and stakeholders, including the general public, media, politicians, government departments and agencies, business organizations, legal professionals, and people in academia.

The Committee is considering various ways to encourage public input, including public hearings, written submissions, submissions via Skype and other new technology, and through social media.

We encourage interested individuals and groups to contact us at one of the addresses below to indicate your interest in making a presentation, and whether you would wish to do so in writing or orally at a hearing.

The Committee is interested in receiving your views as to:

  • ways to make access to information from government and public agencies more user friendly and effective;
  • protection of personal information of individuals in the possession of government and public agencies;
  • justifiable exceptions to public access, including for example, those necessary to enable government to protect the public interest in collective bargaining with public employees, to prepare budgets, to promote business and resource development; and disclosure that might harm intergovernmental relations and law enforcement;
  • procedures for review and addressing complaints related to refusal of access and failure to protect privacy; and
  • ways of addressing any other access and privacy concerns, including the changes made by Bill 29.

At this time we are requesting only that you indicate your interest in making a presentation. Details about when and where you can make your presentation, if you indicate an intention to do so, will be announced by the Review Committee in coming weeks.

Please contact us no later than Monday, May 12, 2014 to indicate your interest in presenting your views. We must know this in order for the Committee to make the arrangements necessary to enable you to present your views.

You can notify us of your intention by:

  • E-mail at
  • Ordinary mail at:
    ATIPPA Review Committee
    Suite C
    83 Thorburn Road
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3M2

Committee Members
Clyde K. Wells – Chair
Jennifer Stoddart – Member
Doug Letto – Member